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Ms Monopoly

Rarely do you get a chance to actually affect a product before it goes to market, but that’s what Hasbro tasked us to do. They were launching a new Monopoly game with a female investor on the cover, for the first time in the brands history. We spent an entire weekend researching important female inventors and entrepreneurs to add to the game and writing new CHANCE and COMMUNITY CHEST cards. And while they gave us free range to contribute to the game, they wouldn’t budge on their premise of giving women more money than men just for passing go.
We knew this would be a polarizing move in the feminist world and needed a launch idea that wouldn’t just give women something for nothing but would  even the playing field in a category where men dominate…venture capitalism. 

Oh, and since Lizzie Magie, the women who actually invented Monopoly

never got the credit she deserved, she’s  getting it here.

Hasbro Ms M


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