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Making Room

The residents of Jackson Hole, Wyoming love their community and with good reason. The skiing, hiking, hunting and fishing are unparalleled. And living in the shadow of the Grand Tetons is nothing short of breathtaking. That’s why the privileged flock there in droves – aside from the fact that property taxes are 0!!!

So, it came as no surprise that with so much protected land and so many wealthy inhabitants there was virtually no affordable room left for people like police, firefighters, medical staff and teachers.

And here’s the conundrum, without those folks living nearby, the quality of life goes down in Jackson Hole. Add a heaping spoonful of political divisions and a tightening of the belt towards charitable contributions and it’s the perfect storm of a disaster waiting to happen.

The Jackson Hole Housing Trust needed an identity and a campaign that not only explained exactly why they exist, but one that would make residents feel more connected to helping solve the problem.



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