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Once Upon a NO

This was a great opportunity to get women to re-think behavior that doesn’t benefit them in the long run. Riffing off a great strategy and platform of NO IS BEAUTIFUL, we wanted to go deeper than telling women that saying no more often translates to saying yes to themselves.


We sought out to uncover exactly why women say yes when they often should be saying no. Well, we didn’t have to go any further than the stories we read as a child. The beloved fairy tales we thought were so innocent and spoon fed to us as children were written to reward females for being obedient and going along with the program. We re-wrote a few and gave the heroines the power to dictate their own destiny with a single word. 

This concept was originally conceived as a set of children’s books as an earned media initiative. 

When Covid struck, we had to stop any further production in its tracks. Unfortunately this was at a time when women needed to set boundaries and say NO more than ever. What the concept did do was help kickstart conversations in the media about how fairy tales portray women, set unrealistic expectations and create  gender stereotypes from early childhood. 

This campaign coupled with media and OOH support improved brand

distinction with top of mind awareness increasing to 31%.
Pure Leaf started 2020 off strong, experiencing a 10.5% sales lift from the previous year.



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