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Barbie Cakes

Betty Crocker asked us for a big idea that would help promote S.T.E.M. to young bakers on their Betty Labs website. They had formed a partnership with Mattel and even created a signature cake mix with Barbie featured on the box. Well, our big idea came in the form of something actually pretty small. BARBIE CAKES!

Barbie Cakes

We got Christiana Milian to help us figure out how to make an actual pint-sized cake in the Betty Lab. And invited kids and families to bake along with us.

Barbie cakes are super cute, but not as easy to make as they sound. In fact, you actually have to employ every S.T.E.M. skill you have to create tiny little cakes fit for a Barbie celebration.

Recipes have to be divided, Cooking utensils re-imagined. Cooking temperatures figured out and adjusted. Even slicing had to be re-calculated. A whole lotta S.T.E.M. went into every cake baked.

And a lot of little bakers not only had their cake, but got to eat the whole thing, too.



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