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Eyes where they need to be

Working on an issue that benefits women AND with a team that respects our POV and sticks their neck out to push forward risky ideas…that’s what makes our hearts race. And that’s exactly what happened when a partner agency reached out to us to help tackle a problem that’s going to have a huge impact on the future.

How can that be? 
That was our first of many questions. But the answer is actually pretty simple. Our own medical advances and awareness programs have left us, as a global community feeling as though breast cancer is not the lethal risk it once was. And therein lies the problem: Convince a global medical community that just because breast cancer medications and treatments have made great gains, if we look away, even for a minute there will be grave consequences for a growing population of which 50-51% are women.

Our Solution.
Our idea was based on the premise that women’s breasts are often sexualized and women deal with this every single day. In fact, our theme line is a common phrased used by women to call out men who uncomfortably stare at breasts. So why not use that trope to our advantage at a time when we actually need people paying attention to women's breasts?

This work was set to launch across the globe and translated into 157 languages in 2024. Unfortunately, it was pulled, not because of the message but because of where the message had to be placed in order to be effective.


Never did we imagine that we would create a campaign that urged the world to stare at women’s breasts, but we did and we’re proud to push this message out in any way we can, even if that means printing our own t-shirts.


If you see us wearing one of our own t-shirts, feel free to look at our breasts and then consider making a donation, reaching out to a lawmaker, or doubling down on getting the word out.

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